“Feminism, which once helped open windows of opportunity for women, has turned against itself. Many of its pioneers and most brilliant advocates are now protesting the very social developments they once cheered” – Dinesh d’Souza, Washington Post, January 26, 1986

“If you are a critical male, you are sexist. If you are a critical female, well, you must be either brainwashed by the patriarchy, or ashamed of your own feminity” – Siofra O’Neill

“Feminism isn’t simply about being a woman in a position of power. It is battling systemic inequities; it is a social justice movement that believes sexism, racism and classism exist and interconnect, and that they should be consistently challenged” – Jessica Valenti

“Men are from Earth. Women are from Earth. Deal with it” – George Carlin


Zinny and I were chilling at a restaurant during lunch time on a Friday. She looked gorgeous as always! On this day, she wore a blue gown with floral designs and had a pair of fancy spectacles with patterns similar to the skin of a male gecko. She accentuated all with a grey pair of gladiators and her toe nails shone brightly. She sipped from her glass of Orijin like one of those tourists sun tanning on a beach in the Maldives. She was visibly angry.

Zinny…wetin? You don’t look happy at all. What’s the problem? Has your house rent expired?” I asked sarcastically.

No be that one jor. Can you imagine? I just called Wendy to catch up with us and she said she is going for school run. Gosh! What about the husband? Can’t he do school run? I am sick and tired of men oppressing women. I am tired”, she said.

Nne, calm down jor. What is wrong with Wendy doing the school run? I mean, anyone could do the school run na…whether the husband or her”, I said.

Over my dead body…I can never do that. If my husband doesn’t want to go and pick up the kids from school, then they’d stay there as long as they want. Rubbish! I am tired of you men and patriarchy”, she retorted.

Hahaha…kai, Zinny the Feminist. Na wa to you o. E don be for your husband, aswear”, I replied.

The rise of radical feminists! These are the modern warriors and shield maidens spewing venom on anyone with a man-shaft in between his legs. These are the females that wouldn’t waste any time in blaming ALL their problems on patriarchy, chanting feminist slogans and blaming men for abuse while disregarding the painful truth that women could also be abusive.

It is pertinent to note that feminism came about as a result of the errors made by patriarchy, which were overlooked over time. Steadily, boys are made to understand (at a young age) that they are better and more technically gifted than girls. So these boys grow up with this bogus notion well into adulthood and persist with the false delusion even when they establish their own families. Women are humiliated and relegated to function as second class citizens, mainly fit for taking care of the home and making babies. In most societies, getting an education is not an option not to talk about climbing a career ladder.

The early feminist movements were aimed towards bringing about equality amongst men and women, but most modern feminists have altered this to enslavement of men and possibly making them suffer and pay for all the sins of patriarchy. For instance, an early aim of Women Suffrage movement and its founder, Susan B. Anthony, was to give women their proper political and social respect worldwide.

In the beginning, feminist and women liberation movements were met with mixed results. These early movements incorporated women’s ability to make choices pertaining to their perceived roles. For example, women were encouraged to CHOOSE between staying at home to take care of the family or focus on their career just like men do. But nowadays, it seems any female that makes the former decision is seen as an enemy to the movement; an outcast that should be ostracized and banished from the planet of females, for destroying everything the feminist agenda has labored to achieve.

It is a pity that feminism has become more extreme and angrier and its modern form is harmful and negative, giving rise to females with a certain type of inferiority complex. There is a gradual dearth of basic societal values at the expense of ‘unlearning’ by females. The young inductees into the Feminist Hall of Fame start thinking that they must become like a man to be equal to him, while overlooking the awesome and splendid qualities the Almighty has bestowed on them. These new converts to feminism could be likened to religious zealots going to cast out a demon from a mad person only for the demon to turn around and attack them.

Belly Friedan’s 1963 classic – The Feminist Mystique, helped launch the feminist movement by identifying the family as an oppressive institution. Friedan also went ahead to worry about “feminist denial of the importance of family, of women’s own needs to give and get love and nurture.

Also, another radical feminist, Germaine Greer in 1970 wrote in the Female Eunuch that “if women are to effect a significant amelioration in their condition, it seems obvious that they must refuse to marry”. Instead, they should be “deliberately promiscuous” but not conceive babies. What a conundrum!

Such notions as these would only succeed in destroying whatever is left of the feminist agenda. I’ve heard a lot of females state categorically that it is WRONG to do basic chores as flimsy as cooking for the husband or boiling water for him to take his bath. What then happens to a woman’s right to make choices on her own. What if she chooses to do those chores of her own free will, does it make her any less of a woman or an enemy of the feminist agenda?

Don’t get me wrong! I believe that Patriarchy is a horrible and dangerous concept that should be done away with. No woman should be seen as a second class citizen to any man, no matter the society one finds herself in. But the harm that these irate and radical modern feminists portend far outweighs the benefits of the feminist agenda. This ‘transferred aggression’ on the males would only make a mockery of what the founders of the feminist movement worked tirelessly to achieve.

Ladies, it is time to weed out these radical feminists amongst y’all. We should take it easy with this ‘feminist trend’ brewing around us lest our society becomes filled with angry and brainwashed ladies that would gladly stick a knife into the throat of a man so as to appease the goddess of feminism. We should redefine what it truly means to be a feminist instead of cooking up theories that would produce disgruntled ladies hating on the men folk. While revising the whole lies that were told to ladies in the past about marriage and loyalty being synonymous with happiness, we should thread with caution.

Funmi O’s latest article on The Naked Convos stated that some of these radical feminists are already campaigning that God should be recognized using both male and female pronouns. Like seriously? Is that what these feminists have turned the feminist agenda into? So the Good Book should be rewritten just so as to address God as a ‘she’? May Amadioha and Sango help us weed these extremists out…Amiii!

There should be limits to what feminism preaches or rather, what we accept from the gospel of feminism. Nonconformity is the key. Whatever we learn, make sure it doesn’t impinge on the way we treat our fellow humans lest we wake up someday and the streets of Abuja would be filled with ladies dragging their husbands on a leash. If care is not taken, households at Ikeja would soon be filled with ladies that would gladly scream on top of their voices, “Look, honey, if you don’t wash my drawers and panties, you ain’t getting no pussy tonight”. TRAGIC!


*Now Playing: Every Planet We Reach is Dead by Gorillaz*


PS: The name Zinny ain’t what it is…C’mon, I can’t expose radical feminists like that na. Oshe!

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