THE DUPLICITY OF BRAZEN HYPOCRITES: Of Sandra Bland, Cecil the Lion and all the lost ones!

“We bang on and on about animal rights but are responsible for untold animal wrongs” – Bryony Gordon

“Who are the lunatics? The ones who see horror at the heart of their fellow humans and search for peace at any price? Or the ones who pretend they don’t see what’s going on around them? The world belongs either to lunatics or hypocrites. There are no other races on this earth. You must choose which one to belong to” – Carlos Ruiz Zafon

“Only crime and the criminal, it is true, confront us with the perplexity of radical evil; but only the hypocrite is really rotten to the core” – Hannah Arendt

“The only vice that cannot be forgiven is hypocrisy. The repentance of a hypocrite is itself hypocrisy” – William Hazlit

“He does not believe that does not live according to his belief” – Sigmund Freud

“Everybody is a hypocrite. You cannot live on this planet without being a hypocrite” – Paul Watson


I sit down on a couch in the living room, exhausted from the day’s hustle and trying so hard to listen to Meek Mill’s Wanna Know. Damn, dat nigguurr is whack as phuck! He be coming home e’r night, thinking lustfully how he’z gonna pound on Nicki’s poundcake and forgot how to write decent bars. Phuckery! Dude be sitting in the bedroom staring at a piece of paper, pen in hand, wishing bars would flow endlessly so he’d murder that Canadian sissy boy. But what does he get? Nicki seamlessly strolls out of the bathroom with a piece of towel on her bosom, the edge barely covering her derriere. I mean for Pete’s sakes, how does a brother focus on writing decent bars when he got all that ass on his face? You see the side effects of having a phat-ass chick as your other half. Phewww! Abeg, sorry for digressing jare!

Anyways, last week was an awesome one for me. Apart from Drake ‘Drizzy’ Aubrey Graham being on his worst behavior and murdering what was left of Meek ‘Nicki’s ToyBoy’ Mill’s career [as a trap wack emcee], I had me a splendid week nonetheless. I staked two separate bets that Arsenal would beat Chelsea in the Community Shield, and they did so. So I won me some guap. Alhamdulillah! On the other hand, the animal kingdom also had its place on the news. As different animals all over the world were busy mating, phucking, procreating and obviously killing each other, the world was made aware of a kill that took place some weeks ago (precisely in the first week of July).

A U.S. dentist named Walter Palmer – a trophied archer, paid fifty five grand to some local hunting guide to lure a nice and lovely ‘celebrity’ lion named after Cecil Rhodes out of the park and then proceeded to shoot it with a crossbow. The ‘coward’ patiently tracked it for 40 hours and then killed the 13 year old celebrity for pleasure. Afterwards, he beheaded the poor animal and skinned it while leaving the carcass unused. Cecil the lion was one of the most popular attractions at Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe before its death.

After this particular kill, the dentist and his goons went about their lives until the news started making the rounds on blogosphere. Death threats were issued by animal lovers. PETA staged protests. Shop owners who sold animal toys and stuffed teddy lions made a lotta money…because the animal lovers bought a lot of these objects and placed in front of the dentist’s office. He was forced to flee for his life just like Elijah did when Jezebel’s fury reached an all time high. Jimmy Kimmel, who up till then never shed a tear at any burial ceremony, cried on TV for the soul of Cecil. That was when the Zimbabwean Tourism Authority quickly stated that this particular killing was illegal. They accused the dentist and his cronies of an illegal hunt under the country’s Parks and Wildlife Act. They stated that the killing was unethical due to the manner in which it was carried out. Zimbabwe has even started extradition proceedings and hopes the U.S. hand over the dentist.

Personally, this whole Cecil ruckus and uproar highlights the hypocritical nature humans subconsciously exhibit. The only reason the murder of Cecil is making headlines is because he was a celebrity at the park where he resided. It is as simple as that! Over the years, many animals have been killed by trophy hunters yet no one has come on TV to shed a tear for their poor souls. All these calls about lions being endangered in Zimbabwe is bullcrap. For the record, African lions are not listed as threatened or endangered under the Federal Endangered Species Act; rather, they are listed as vulnerable. Also, hunting lions is NOT illegal in Zimbabwe. But all of a sudden, a popular ‘celebrity’ lion is killed and everyone is on the internet calling for the head of the dentist. Only a few are actually fighting for a total abolishing of trophy hunting. Ian Michler, a South African conservationist stated categorically that “Cecil is not the first lion that has been lured…it goes on all the time”.

I mean for Pete’s sakes…who doesn’t love animals? I love animals, Jesus loves animals, ISIS jihadists love animals, Ellen Degeneres loves animals, Oprah loves animals…The Toolsman loves animals. So why force it down our oesophagus that you love animals more than we do, to the extent of threatening a human being for killing an animal? Yet we’d be the first to call for the pardon to a serial killer on death row. Oh…I get it…once it involves lions or any animal with a human name, there won’t be any mercy! Abeg, quit the self-righteous suicide and jerking off your own man-shaft.

Most of the hypocrites that abound in PETA and other similar organizations munch on chicken wings on a daily…yet they are quick to post death threats because a lion was killed. What about the millions of kids in Syria and South Sudan that have become endangered due to the civil wars and strife ravaging their land? One rarely sees anyone cry on live TV like Jimmy or carry a placard with respect to that. Isn’t the black race an endangered species? What about the little Palestinian baby that was burnt alive by Jewish protesters? What about all the phuckery going on in different places across the globe?

It is a pity that nature has bestowed on us a certain self-righteousness that only we could rid ourselves of. We care less about unpopular and seemingly lowly people. This Cecil brouhaha brings to mind the numerous cases of murder of harmless citizens. Unarmed black men are slaughtered on a daily by racist cops. The ‘five-0’ and ‘po po’ lurk around sheepishly, looking for black kids to murder and blame it on the devil. Or they could come up with trumped-up allegations to cover they asses up. Yet little is done to bring the culprits to book. Just try and murder a rich white kid and be ready to face the long arm of the law. They’d knock you off the perch with both biceps and triceps, and make sure your ass roast in jail. Political hypocrites would literally cut a redwood tree, and then proceed to mount on the stump to make a speech for conservation. Freaking Hypocrisy!

Sometime ago while working in a rural community at Ikirun in Osun State, I had the rare opportunity of meeting a good man – Mr. Excess. He was my interpreter who made my job easier while interacting with the people at the clinic. Unfortunately, Mr. Excess was born blind. But his predicament didn’t limit his ability to get a good education, raise a family and put food on the table. Through his daily acts, I gradually realized that a disability can only limit a man if and only if he allows it to. With his walking stick, he was able to go anywhere unaided, no matter the distance. Mr. Excess was an epitome of hope in a hopeless society.

Regrettably, I got word a month ago that Mr. Excess, the good man was in critical condition at a hospital. While walking home unaided at night, some mean muggers accosted him on the road, took his wallet and a few valuables but instead of walking away with their loot, proceeded to shoot the poor guy multiple times. TRAGIC!

Such stories of humans in pitiable conditions doing their best to eke out a living abound in this world. From the sizzling suburbs of the Caribbean through the Deserts of Africa to the plains of the Levante and Syria, such people abound. They are victims of the evils society has been fighting tirelessly to root out. Yet while the ignoble acts are going on, one rarely finds anyone willing to fight for their cause. Only a few people are eager to stage a protest or do anything as flimsy as lending a helping hand. All of a sudden, an unarmed lion is murdered and within a couple of days, up to a hundred and fifty grand has been raised to prosecute the murderer. Jimmy Kimmel never cried on TV for the numerous endangered kids murdered in Congo but would do so for a lovely lion named Cecil. Next week, he would sit on a table inside a KFC restaurant with his family, munching on chicken wings and the ribs of endangered poultry. What about the numerous antelopes and other smaller animals Cecil and his fellow goons feed on daily? Has Jimmy and all the animal-loving members of PETA cried on TV about it? Talk of cases of misplaced priorities, double standards, unabashed duplicity and shameless hypocrisy.

I am not an animal-hating individual. Naa, Naa, Naa! I love animals. But personally, I believe that if Jimmy, members of PETA and the rest of the world would put in the same effort (they are putting into the Cecil brouhaha) to speak against the murder of helpless black citizens and children in the Levante, the world would be a better place. If they could rise up, raise funds and make their voices heard about the plight of child soldiers in war-torn regions and little girls being trafficked across Europe, it would go a long way towards curbing these evils in our society.

I write this article in the memory of Emmett Till, Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, Amadou Diallo, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Dontre Hamilton, John Crawford III, Ezell Ford, Dante Parker, Tanisha Anderson, Tamir Rice, Akai Gurley, Cecil the Lion and all the unfortunate lost souls. To the little Sudanese girl raped repeatedly and murdered by rebels, I dedicate this to you. Your story would never be told to the world because of the tag ‘a nobody’ bestowed on you. But posterity would never forget!

So I drop my pen before I fall asleep and say a prayer for the quick recovery of Mr. Excess. Amin!




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Word to Mutha: This work is STRICTLY the opinion of the writer. No Love Lost; No Love Found…It is what it is!

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